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1. I was unaware of both my “third” and “inner” eyes.

2. I googled “Christian Yoga,” because I had a sneaking suspicion that someone would try to make the Buddhist/Zen thing jive with the whole Western/Judeo-Christian belief system. Sadly, I was right. Why can’t they figure out how to take what they want and leave the rest?

3. The instructor’s “take one more breath… …and on your exhalation, release.” is usually about two or three huffy nose breaths for me. Forget about matching exhalations.

4. Yoga does make you fart. A lot. I think its all the inversions. But seriously, don’t go do yoga with someone you think would be offended by a fart, or who you haven’t farted around prior to yoga, or anyone you imagine would think less of you if you farted while in their presence.

5. Downward Dog is a good fart pose.

6. I don’t think I had ever flexed my thorasic spine before three days ago.

7. Seeing a 100lb lady demonstrate a pose and talk to the camera the entire time she’s in it can be demoralizing if you really want to get it, but just can’t.

8. Child’s Pose is a good fart pose.

9. I’d rather do Parachute Pose than Bow Pose.

10. How the hell do you do bow pose while standing on one leg with “open hips??” Seriously


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