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Teton Pass

I have to say, I’m pretty stoked to have made it up Teton Pass on my bike today. I’d been eyeing the ride for a while, and had ridden the Spring Creek hill a bunch of times to get ready, but nothing could have really prepared me for the sheer brutality of that ride. It took me 50 minutes to get from Wilson to the top of the pass, and once or twice I thought I might not make it, but I made it up without stopping, and let me tell you–it was so sweet to finally arrive. And I hit over 55 mph on the way back down. …unofficially.

Anyways, check the link! Make sure to click “show elevation,” too. 😉



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A Joyous Moment

Today, all of my hours spent pedaling away while cars angrily whiz by, honking, swerving, and generally behaving like they live in Bellevue — all of those hours — are vindicated. For several glorious seconds, the world stood still while a pig-headed motorist tore the shit out of the undercarriage of his car on a 6 inch tall median. You could practically smell his humiliation, although it was more likely the smell of his catalytic converter being ripped off by the concrete.

The story goes like this: Amy and I were out on a ride this afternoon, for no reason other than to enjoy one of the last few days of warmth before the plunge into fall drizzle occurs. Our route took us off of Queen Anne on the Fremont side, along the Burke-Gilman Trail, across Montlake and then along Lake Washington Blvd. until we reached a park. Through the arboretum area, the road is just two lanes with parked cars smattered along the sidewalks, so it’s only practical to ride on the road. This of course makes the busy, busy drivers very grumpy. The idea of being held up by someone on a bike just won’t do – they have to get around. Always.

This is truly par for the course, and as a cyclist you become accustomed to it. You may even eventually develop the ability to [briefly] ride without any hands on the bars — so as to be able to visually pay your respects to the furious passing motorists. This time, though, the driver actually fucked himself without me needing to suggest it.

Kompressor Convertible

Meet Mercedes convertible man — this is a picture of the exact type of car he was driving. Today is not a day for waiting, so he mashes past Amy, who is behind me on Lake Washington Blvd, right by the bridge that kids jump off of. I hear him rushing up behind me, and in true cyclist fashion, refuse to budge an inch to the right.

(Generally speaking, I never do, but that’s because it a) usually isn’t safe and b) bikers have exactly the same right as cars do to use the road, therefore I don’t have to. …oh and c) the only people who get annoyed are bitch-ass motorists, and I’m perfectly okay with harassing them.)

Now remember, today is still not a day for waiting, so he starts to make his move. …lets say he was probably an Eastsider, because anyone who lived in Seattle would know that a huge median was coming up. I hear this happening behind me, and come to the conclusion that either a) he’s going to cut me off hard as shit right before the median and might actually end up hitting me or b) he’s going to drive on the wrong side of the road for 70 feet until he can move back to the right. Much to my delight (and his chagrin) neither of those things happened.

Thanks to Google Street View, I’ve been able to attach a photo of part of the median, which is here.
Don't look

Without a moment’s hesitation, this guy SMASHED into the median. Not that there was any other option, but he ground the bottom of his car all the way down it, start to finish. It’s about 6″ tall and by my guess I’d say at least 70 or so feet long, meaning the shower of sparks emitted from the aft end of his vehicle wasn’t a brief display. And my god, what a sound. I whooped and cheered for the asshole. Amy started laughing. The mailman standing on the curb burst out as well. What an absolute cock! Ruin the underside of your entire car — exhaust, muffler, cat, who knows what else! — just to get past a cyclist going 20mph on a 25 road. You, sir, are a fool.

Made my day, really couldn’t ask for much more. I’m gonna be laughing for weeks.

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